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A New Web Site is Like a New Boat

Wait, what? An old boat is just fine until you get a new one. Then you realize that for all those years you spent hours starting the old motor, the loose steering, scooping out water that leaked in, and the gas it guzzled were probably not worth doing for so long. The new boat starts right up, no water gets in, and it goes faster on less gas.

So it goes with our web site. The old one had served its time. Now, we are as far into the 21st century as this marina needs to go. Our new site has exciting video content, and lets our visitors find information and book online quickly. It's easy to use on desktop and mobile, and seeing that almost half of you visit us on a mobile phone, that was important to us.

What's New?

Our guests can now see get to all of the booking pages easily. The site displays very well on mobile devices for all of you on the go. It looks better and uses more photos and allows our return guests to find their way without too much "who moved my cheese" and lets our first-time guest find out quickly all we have to offer.

Let Us Know What You Think

Let us know what you think of the new site, and like with our brand new Crest II Pontoon Boats that just came in, we hope you try out a new site AND a new boat.

Tip: Book Ahead

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to our home page

  2. Scroll half-way down the page

  3. Click "Learn More" or "Book Now" on the item you want to book

  4. Use the embedded booking feature on the page you will be taken to.

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