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pontoon boat rental at steamboat lake marina with hahns peak in the background on steamboat lake state park

Steamboat Lake Marina Pontoon Boat Rentals


3 Different size boats to accomodate your needs

2-1/2, 5-1/2, 7 and 11 Hour Boat Rentals near you

Come see the World Famous Steamboat Lake Marina!

Steamboat Lake Marina has boat rental start times at:

8:00, 8:30, 11:00, 2:00 & 5:00

When you look for Boat Rentals near me, you might find others listed, choose the best boat rentals in Steamboat Springs. We have been owned and operated Steamboat Lake Marina for 20 years. I invite you to come up and see why the other operator rent boats from us and then attempt to copy what we do so well. Come up to Steamboat Lake to see the most beautiful scenery for boat rentals near me today! We have the largest fleet of boat rentals in Colorado. Pontoon boats are the perfect way to spend a fun and relaxing day on the lake.  They offer lots of room for groups up to 15 people (depending on the boat), and they are stable, safe, and easy to drive.  The guest capacity, features and age of each boat varies between Silver, Gold, and Platinum boats.  

We offer many different options for start times and for duration of your boat rental. You can choose the duration of your rental during the online booking process.

Reservations are highly recommended. We take reservations only 2 weeks in advance. Please check the weather in advance. The boat rentals in the morning are the most reliable. 

Note:  All boat reservations are subject to our Boat Rental Policy and by renting a boat you agree to these. 


Common questions are answered on our FAQ page.

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